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 Lesson One

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PostSubject: Lesson One   Mon 16 Nov 2009, 11:01 pm

Hi everyone, I thought I would start posting some valuable information on this forum about hacking.

So first of all lets start off with the Command Prompt (Commonly known as Cmd).

Go to start|run|type in "cmd"|

Now the Command Prompt is executed.

Now we are going to view the people that are on your network.

Type in "net view" and hit enter.

Now it should take a few seconds and boom, it shows the computers on your network.

Now that we have the names of the computers, lets get there ip addresses.

Type in "tracert (name of computer here)," like this "tracert JIM-PC," than hit enter.

You should now have the ip address of the computer.

You can also do whats called an "nslookup", it shows tha Server Address, you can do that by replacing "tracert", with "nslookup." Like so, "nslookup JIM-PC."

Lesson Two coming soon!


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Lesson One
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